Welcome to IMPACT News. The articles on IMPACT News offer engaging, student-centric coverage of important topics current events and breaking news in Social Studies and Science.

Impact News has two categories of articles. In the Know articles provide explorations of important topics each month. These articles are usually related to an event that occurs during that month. In the Know articles are differentiated for grades K–1, 2–3, and 4–5.

In the News articles provide coverage of breaking national or world news and are differentiated for grades 2–3 and 4–5.

When students read about and discuss current events, they develop civic-mindedness and awareness of the world. To that end, articles should be used to launch class discussions in which students respond to the issues raised by the articles. Here are a few suggestions about how to use the articles on this site in your classroom.

  • These articles provide wonderful opportunities for teacher and student read-alouds in whole class, small group or partner situations. Follow these read-alouds with discussion time.
  • The “What Do You Think?” questions can be used as whole-class, small-group, or partner discussion prompts. These questions also provide opportunities for written response.
  • These articles may be used as part of sustained silent reading time during your language arts or social studies instructional blocks. Use the “What Do You Think?” questions to connect reading and writing.
  • Spanish and English translations of articles provide bridging opportunities in bilingual classrooms.
  • Consider assigning the articles as homework, with class discussion the following day.
  • To help develop home-school connections, students can read and discuss these articles with parents or care-givers.

Articles may be projected, or links to articles may be shared with students. For grades 2-3 and 4-5, articles may be printed by clicking the printer icon at the bottom of each article. New in 2019, Spanish translations are available for articles by clicking the en Español option in the menu bar.